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101 Holiday Blog Post Ideas for Lifestyle Bloggers

Holidays are a busy time, but that’s no excuse to neglect your blog! Here are a ton of holiday blog post ideas that should get your creative juices flowing.


  1. Favorite holiday traditions – Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc, especially if they are different than the norm and/or unique to your family.
  2. How to celebrate alternative holidays like Solstice of Kwanzaa.
  3. How to honor people in your life who are Jewish or other religions that are not mainstream.
  4. Share a new tradition you are trying this year.
  5. What local traditions does your town do and how can people get involved in their local town activities.
  6. Ideas for volunteering during the holidays or donating to gift drives.
  7. 10 things you didn’t know about X holiday.
  8. How X holiday is celebrated around the world.
  9. Where you are donating this year.
  10. Your favorite holiday recipes. (Thanksgiving dinner, Christmas cookies, etc)
  11. Your holiday decor this year.
  12. Best DIY holiday decoration tutorials & ideas.
  13. What I’m thankful for this year.
  14. How to take great holiday photos.
  15. What my tree looks like this year / how to decorate an amazing tree / how to buy a tree / eco-options / living trees / what to do with your tree afterwards.
  16. Your New Year’s resolutions.


  1. How to throw a great holiday party.
  2. Ideas for outfits for New Years Eve or Holiday parties.
  3. Fav holiday makeup looks for going out. (or nails, hair, etc)
  4. Navigating holiday parties if you’re single (esp New Year’s Eve).
  5. What to bring to a holiday party.
  6. How to eat healthy during the holidays.
  7. Tips for going to office holiday parties (or throwing one)
  8. Best party games for adults & kids.
  9. Holiday cocktail recipes.
  10. Good conversation starters at holiday parties.
  11. Holiday party music playlist.
  12. Easy holiday party meals / appetizers & what to avoid trying to make.
  13. How to cater to vegans, gluten-free, etc / best healthy snacks to serve.
  14. Best holiday theme parties (and should you even do a theme?)
  15. How to throw a huge party (or a small, intimate one).
  16. How to make various traditional holiday foods easier / more interesting / healthier / vegan / etc.

Avoiding Stress

  1. How to deal with people in your family who don’t like holidays or get the blues.
  2. How to deal when you don’t like holidays!
  3. How to get in the holiday spirit when you can’t even.
  4. How to get along over the family dinner table.
  5. How to include your family in tasks so you don’t have to do it all / how to ask for help.
  6. How to avoid overwhelm & burnout from all the holiday prep & social events.
  7. How to shift from focusing on stress/activity to focusing on meaning/joy.
  8. How to stay safe when doing things like hanging lights.
  9. How to help someone who is recently divorced or lost someone get through the holidays.
  10. Holiday self-care / Winter skincare tips.
  11. Christmas on a budget.


  1. How to pack when traveling for the holidays.
  2. Favorite holiday trip you’ve taken.
  3. Holiday travel safety tips.
  4. How to save money on travel during the holidays.
  5. Fun things to do with your family while visiting them.
  6. How to be a gracious guest (or host).
  7. Christmas foods that travel well.


  1. How to help your kids shop for gifts & think about what others want.
  2. How to involve your kids in holiday prep.
  3. How to explain various holidays & traditions to kids.
  4. Favorite holiday movies for kids.
  5. Best holiday activities for kids & how to keep them busy & not underfoot.
  6. How to decorate a fun “kids table” for holiday meals.
  7. How to help kids write a letter to Santa.
  8. Best kids holiday craft activities.
  9. 10 lessons you can teach your kids during the holidays. (Gratitude, Envy/Materialism, Accepting other faiths, etc).
  10. How to help kids write good thank-you letters.
  11. How to make a gingerbread house.
  12. How to explain Santa to kids at different ages.
  13. Books that explain holidays to kids.


  1. Stocking stuffer ideas for kids & adults.
  2. What you personally hope to get for Christmas gifts.
  3. What the kids all want this year / What kids actually want.
  4. Eco-friendly gift ideas.
  5. Gift ideas for minimalists / Marie Kondo fans.
  6. How to make a no-gift or low-gift Christmas feel meaningful.
  7. Tips for saving money when holiday shopping.
  8. What sales are you scoping out for Black Friday?
  9. Best gifts for pet owners.
  10. Your favorite go-to or backup gift ideas when you can’t think of anything else.
  11. Last-minute gift ideas.
  12. Handmade gift ideas that don’t suck.
  13. How to pay attention to someone so well you know what they would love to receive as a gift.
  14. How to covertly ask friends what someone might want.
  15. Ugly sweater or gag gift ideas.
  16. What NOT to buy someone (b/c it’s too personal of a choice, like a new phone).
  17. What to get people in different generations (kids / teens / parents / grandparents).
  18. Local craft show gift haul.
  19. How to do a great Secret Santa or White Elephant party.
  20. How to regift without hurting anyone’s feelings.
  21. How to wrap everything / how to make your gifts stand out.
  22. Amazing low-cost gifts.
  23. How to make your own holiday cards.
  24. Printable gift tags.


  1. Favorite childhood holiday story.
  2. Best gift you’ve ever gotten or given (or worst gift fail).
  3. Fav gifts you got this year (after Christmas is over).
  4. Ornaments from your tree and the stories behind them.
  5. Best / worst Christmas ever.

Year in Review

  1. Personal changes / transformations / lessons learned this year.
  2. Changes in your blog / business, goals met & not met.
  3. Pop culture – 10 things that were “in” this year, top 10 TV moments this year.
  4. Top 10 outfits, recipes, etc this year.
  5. 10 trends of this year.
  6. Most popular posts on your blog this year.
  7. Your favorite books / movies / etc this year.
  8. What I’m leaving in the past as the year turns.
  9. What I hope the new year will bring.

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