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Emotional Self-Care Cheat Sheet for Business Owners

This is a condensed list of some of the more helpful techniques I’ve come across. Use them as a starting point to developing your own toolbox of self-care and personal growth strategies. And I made a printable PDF as well!

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  • Practice relaxing, self-soothing
  • Get support – even just one person to talk to
  • Take smaller steps
  • Do self-listening & self-empathy sessions
  • Take your time; don’t pressure yourself
  • Find your comfort zones & return to them periodically
  • Talk to someone who has done it before
  • Journal about the worse-case scenario
  • Be kind to yourself


  • Do more of what gives you energy & less of what doesn’t
  • Uncover limiting beliefs and find examples that counter them
  • Cultivate an attitude of welcoming challenges as opportunities to grow
  • Accept that learning new skills & creating new things takes time
  • Find a mentor or role models
  • Self-empower: “I can do this”
  • Create a vision you believe in


  • Admit capacity & accept limits
  • Prune commitments and focus on what you do best & enjoy most
  • Courageously claim own priorities


  • Examine standards and release perfectionism
  • Focus on intrinsic motivation–what do you enjoy doing regardless of the outcome?
  • Get honest with yourself– do you really want to do this?
  • Look at your boundaries – could you just say no?


  • Stop and feel underlying feelings–what are you avoiding by working?
  • Track how much you actually work–mindfulness creates change
  • Make clear boundaries with time
  • Practice new habits for 21 days


  • Mourn previous losses
  • Accept what you cannot change and focus on what you can
  • Clarify actual needs/wants, get specific
  • Don’t complain, do something
  • Choose one thing that would definitely improve your quality of life and make progress toward it every day
  • Decide to shift your frame toward gratitude

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