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Get Paid to Pin Ebook: No-Fluff Review

I got the “Get Paid to Pin: How to Make Money on Pinterest” ebook by Dale Persons of BloggingHerWay.com as part of the Pinterest Ultimate Bundle in 2018.

This is my honest opinion. Please keep in mind that I’m not the target audience, as the book is aimed at beginners.

The ebook is 38 pages and costs $25.

What You Get


    • Explanation of affiliate marketing
    • Backstory of author and her first sale on Pinterest
    • Step by step instructions on how to set up your Pinterest account, profile, and boards
    • Basic keyword finding advice
    • How often to pin
    • The importance of keyword-rich pin descriptions
    • How to join and use group boards
    • How to find and join affiliate programs
    • Which affiliate programs make the most money for her
    • Explanation of affiliates that use redirects and why you can’t use them on Pinterest
    • How to design your pins for best results.
    • How to make your first affiliate pin
    • Step by step instructions of how she schedules her pins to various boards using Tailwind’s Board Lists and Interval feature.
    • Facebook groups you can join relating to Pinterest
    • Reminder to check your Pinterest analytics to see if any pins are underperforming


  • List of 430+ group boards sorted by niche.
  • List of 35+ affiliate programs by niche, with notes on how much they pay. (Described as 40+ on her website so she my have added more since I got my copy).

My Review


  • Very beginner friendly / not overwhelming.
  • Explains how to make money pinningĀ without having a website.
  • Explains her strategy step by step, which is great for beginners to Pinterest, Tailwind, and affiliate marketing.
  • Her Tailwind board list strategy was interesting and would be good for people new to Tailwind especially, as their system can be confusing. It’s not immediately obvious how to use Tailwind the most effectively, and this ebook presents a coherent strategy to save time.
  • Huge list of group boards (although see note below about limited usefulness of group boards).
  • Large list of affiliate programs, and transparency about which ones work best for her.


  • I think this is questionable advice: “The majority of [your boards] should be related to your niche and helpful to your audience, but you can also have some other boards for things you enjoy as well.” I would advise you only make boards that are related to your niche because there is no point in pinning anything that you are not getting benefit from pinning. Pinterest lets you have multiple accounts, so you can have a personal account for personal pins.
  • While it’s true you don’t need to have a website to make money with affiliate pins, it certainly helps, especially if you want to promote programs that won’t let you direct link from Pinterest. Since this book only describes affiliate pins that link directly to the vendor rather than your own site, it only works with programs that allow that. And, since you are not sending people back to your site, you have no opportunity to get their email or build your brand.
  • The meat of her strategy revolves around group boards, which are outdated. Using Tailwind Tribes is a better strategy nowadays.

Bottom line

This ebook is pretty basic and its strategy of focusing on group boards instead of Tailwind Tribes is outdated. However, for beginners, it is easy to understand and not too overwhelming, and the price is very affordable.

Who would benefit: If you are just getting started and feel overwhelmed and want a simple strategy that you can implement today without having to even make a website, this is a reasonable buy at $25. I think if you implemented the strategy exactly and consistently, you would make money, although probably not a ton of money. But it would get you started and introduce you to affiliate marketing, Pinterest, and Tailwind.

Her landing page for the book says it was updated to include 2019 Pinterest changes. I haven’t seen it so I can’t comment on, but it’s good that it’s been updated.

My Grade: B overall, A for absolute beginners or newbies who are overwhelmed or confused and just need a place to start.

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