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The Secret Trick to Joining Exclusive Tailwind Tribes Instantly

When you ony have 5 or 10 Tailwind Tribes you can join, you need to make them count. Some of the best tribes are invite-only, or even secret. They are often run by bloggers who have large Facebook groups which is where they primarily get Tribe members.

Requesting to join a Tribe within the Tailwind interface doesn’t usually work very well. Usually you wait and wait and wait and…nothing. And secret Tribes aren’t even listed.

I’ve waited months with my invitation just sitting there, so I was thrilled to see this tip from Taylor in Small Biz Refined’s Tailwind Guide.

The secret is that the people who run an exclusive tribe often publish the link to join on their website…or you can find it floating around on the web. It will look like this:

https://www.tailwindapp.com/tribe/join?d=….a long string of gibberish.

So, you can just search Google until you find an invite link.

Of course, I tested it right away. It worked!

One of the Tribes with a pending invite was Bloggers Chalkboard. I searched for:

“Bloggers Chalkboard” “tailwind tribe”

The second link was for this post which had the join link posted. (Cath, who runs the tribe, even chimed in on the comments, so it’s all good–Tribe owners want more people, they just don’t want spammers.)

Taylor also offers this tip:

Another good way to find invite links is to find out who the tribe owner/creator is. Check out their blog posts related to Tailwind to see if they’ve included a link there.

Bloggers Chalkboard is run by Catherine Oneissy (which I found out from the link above). Let’s see if we can find the link on her site. I used the search engine on her site to search for “chalkboard”–and there it was, in the first post that came up. So that works too.

But how do you know who runs a Tribe in the first place? I couldn’t find any direct way to find that out in Tailwind, so that requires more Googling. But, given how many bloggers have made lists of “Best Tailwind Tribes”, it  shouldn’t be that hard to find for popular tribes. The world of Pinterest bloggers isn’t that big.

I hope that helps someone and thanks to Taylor for the tip!

P.S. Here are the invites I found to some of the exclusive and even secret groups on Tailwind.

I also recommend (I think these are all open so you can search for them on Tailwind):

BONUS TIP: How to choose the best Tribes to join.

When looking for new tribes, look at the following numbers:

  • Total members – you want 500+ at least.
  • Total Reshares & Repins RATIO – you want repins to be as high or higher than reshares ideally, or at least around a 75% ratio. This is because repins tell you how well people’s pins did on Pinterest once they were shared by the Tribe members. In other words, real-world results. If the Tribe is full of people who don’t have many followers or reach but do a lot of pinning from Tribes, it won’t do you any good. The ratio tells you that the reshares actually led to someone besides the Tribe member repinning the shared pins.

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